This Is Our Philosophy

Originality:  We aim for our products to be different than the industrial production by using the highest standard of quality.  Some of our decorations are made with almond and sugar paste, wafer paper or gelatin base techniques to provide authenticity to the services we are offering. The chocolate used in our products are 70% dark chocolate to promote a delicious and more conscious choice for our clients.  We strive to become established and trusted as the preferred source for our local community and Houstonians. We do not want to be in business just to be in business, but rather, to leave a memory of our products.  This is where Bonjour Café finds gratification!

Passion: We believe that in order to be in this line of business one truly needs to love the art of baking and cooking. We want to bring a piece of France to our clients who seek to indulge themselves with something sweet or savory. Everything that you will see in our store is hand crafted one by one and meticulously made with love especially for you! We want you to know that YOU ARE TRULY IMPORTANT TO US!

Perseverance: At Bonjour Café we allow at least 12 hours for all of our dough to rest prior to baking. Our Pastries are also treated in the same way so as to not compromise quality or our integrity.  Our savory menu is made with fresh ingredients and a sense of a story behind it. Chef Arnaud enjoys playing with different textures to create a uniqueness to anything he serves.

Why choose us?  Our services are homemade from scratch using artistic Labor-intensive techniques. You can come and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or if you are in the mood for a classic French pastry “a la carte” you can be sure Chef Arnaud will create a dessert right there for you. Perhaps a pastry to go? Or thinking of that special event coming up? You can be sure Chef Arnaud will go above and beyond to impress your guest(s) for your special event by ordering through our catering services. We also pride ourselves in serving coffee from the Guatemalan Region, creating a relaxing family ambiance especially made for you!  We truly look forward to serving you!